in search of the “one”

back in college, i would show my boyfriend the different flavors where i come from. he would love it because it was not your typical tuna-out-of-the-can meal with pop-tarts for dessert. hey. i think tuna and pop-tarts are delicious. not together of course.

i had cable tv then. i was hooked on the food network and would fantasize about doing an internship in new york city. or maybe with martha stewart? i thought, what an experience that would be? i went back and forth between the food network and the crafty/cook/baker mogul. to this day, i still want to be part of either :)

when i first made fried plantains, the bf fell in love with the flavor. and when i introduced grilled flank stake with chimichurri, it was the icing on the cake. (linked recipe has basil and oregano which i disapprove of. i also use lime instead of lemon and red wine vinegar instead of sherry).

“a woman who eats stake is the greatest thing the world can have,” he would chant between bites.

then i made one of my favorites: crêpes. let’s just say he was grateful for my cooking abilities. he absolutely loved those as well.

one day, he tells me that he wants a truly american dessert.

“what are you thinking?” i asked.

“it’s a no-brainer.”

“apple pie?”

“no,” he said.

“umm…what is it?!?”

“chocolate chip cookies… how don’t you know that?”

“they are just too ordinary,” i said looking at him in the eyes.

he was about to defend the lovely cookies when i bursted out laughing and said “i’m kidding, hahahahaha, i love chocolate chip cookies, they are the best!”

his heart rate went back to normal.

i refused to make that recipe from the back of the chocolate-chips bag. you know which one i’m talking about, right?  hint. hint. it is a yellow bag.

so we went to the library and out of all cooking books existent in the giant building, we found the “one.”

we proceeded to go to the copier and duplicate that pretty page – immediately!

i made the recipe that same day. wow! they were d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. !!! so much, that the bf was the human version of the cookie monster from sesame street.

after graduating college, i moved away and lost the precious recipe. or so i thought. a year went by, and after the vast search, i managed to find it. score!

well, i have moved once again. and, yes. i have lost it. i can’t find it anywhere. i seriously don’t know what’s up with that. it seems like the recipe is running away from me, as if it wants to go back to its original home. really recipe? i’ve loved you with all my heart.  don’t worry, i’ll keep you posted if i ever find it.

one minor huge detail i didn’t mention to you is that i am that kind of girl who likes her cookies chewy. and the “one” delivered chewy cookies. just to think about it makes me sad.

i consulted with my friend google to look for the “one” yet again. i came across alton brown’s chewy cookies recipe and they are great! oh, and the bf says that they are the best ones, yet!

i’m still trying to figure out the cooking time because the cookies aren’t that chewy if i leave them in the oven for the time the recipe says.

i have adapted the recipe with 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar instead of 1 1/4 cups, and reduced the oven temperature to 350 degrees f., as i use a dark baking cookie sheet.

chocolate chip cookies by the baking cup

chocolate chip cookies by the baking cup

chocolate chip cookies by the baking cup

chocolate chip cookies by the baking cup

chocolate chip cookies by the baking cup


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  1. This recipe is the real deal. Delish.

  2. sarah199898 says:

    OMG! everytime i make chocolate chip cookies they never come out the way everybody elses looks or tastes and they get so crunchy over night and i always do what the recipe does! any advice? HELP!

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