the baking cup is getting serious

i purchased something. not for me, but for the baking cup (my business, as you know).

i get giddy with joy when i go shopping. who doesn’t, right? but this. this is different. how do i explain it to you?…let’s see…you know the feeling when you eat that i-went-to-the-gym-and-now-i’m-going-to-mcdonald’s-to-get-fries because i deserve it? well. that feeling.

75% of the christmas presents i was given were the baking cup related. i have been trying to utilize each one of them since then. and. well. i have never been happier! it actually makes a huge difference when you have the proper tools.

speaking of tools. i ordered a great business tool. this was a christmas present, as well. the tool will open many sweet doors for the baking cup.

that. tool. or better said. the tools are: business cards !!!

i am so happy to share this with you.

i took my time when ordering. more like a couple of weeks. i looked and looked for that photo to put on the business card. and nothing. finally, i decided to go with one of the first ones i took, which i actually posted on this entry here.

the site where i placed the order is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. (it was recommended by the awesome people who gave it to me). it’s called moo and they have a wide variety of cute, modern and clever designs. one thing i have never seen before is that they offer regular and mini business cards. it is unique.

here are some screen shots of my order. cannot wait to show you when they arrive!

the baking cup business cards

the baking cup business cards


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  1. Those look awesome! Love your choice.


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