branding the baking cup

yeah. branding a business is crucial. imagine if you didn’t have a personality?! how boring would that be?

the same applies to any business, and the baking cup is no exception.

i am currently working on the image as a whole. i can’t wait to see when it all comes together. i am not going to lie. it is hard work! oh, and. i am impatient and anxious. the two together are a horrible recipe for waiting.

on the other hand, i have been working on some recipes. and here are the signs i designed for the oreo cheesecakes and lemon-lime cupcakes that were devoured at a great event. the baking cup was successfully part of an art auction over the weekend!

i will post about that shortly. i promise!

you are more than welcome to give me your 2 cents. trust me. i will not be offended :)

the baking cup signs

and just because…

oreo cheesecake by the baking cup

lemon-lime cupcakes by the baking cup


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