cupcake flavors giveaway

i have a special request to ask you.

i’m working on a special order for this client, you know. but since i love pretty much every flavor there is for cupcakes. i would like to have your opinion.

the client is not too picky and said to make anything. i have to bake three dozens :)

so. you have the facts. now. let’s get to work, shall we?

the giveaway consists of:
1) leave me a comment with your 3 favorite flavors
2) i will pick one with the best flavors (yet)
3) the winner will receive 4 cupcakes from the baking cup of that person’ choice (flavorwise)

deadline is saturday 11 am cst

let the the baking cup cupcake flavor festivities commence!


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  1. Renee B says:

    The best cupcake of all is the red velvet cupcake, in my opinion. My other two choices would be a german chocolate cupcake with a delicious coconut frosting, and a nice fluffy vanilla cupcake with a light strawberry topping. Great, now I’m hungry for cupcakes for breakfast. :)

  2. Dreamsicle (orange and cream) w/cream cheese frosting and orange peel on top

    Chocolate raspberry truffle with fudge frosting and a raspberry on top

    White chocolate with marshmallow frosting and white chocolate chips on top

  3. Marielle says:

    1- Oreo cookie cupcake with buttercream ice cream.
    2. Red velvet cupcake with marshmallow cream frosting.
    3. Chocolate cupcake baked with a reeses cup in the middle with chocolate gonage frosting


  4. Pins colada cupcakes with coconut frosting

  5. I love carrot cake cupcakes with tons of cream cheese frosting!

    Red velvet with the fluffy seven minute frosting.

    Lemon with a citrus cream frosting, you could even sprinkle them with crushed lemon drops!!!

  6. – “Lavender” honey/vanilla cake with lavender frosting

    – “Mexican Hot Chocolate” rich chocolate cake with chocolate/cayenne/cinnamon frosting

    – “Tiramisu” espresso infused vanilla cake with mascarpone frosting with chocolate ganache drizzle

  7. Jan Griese says:

    Irish Coffee:
    Espresso cake topped with Irish cream butter cream and chocolate covered espresso beans
    Vanilla with Salted Caramel:
    Vanilla cake with caramel buttercream frosting topped with Himalayan rose sea salt.
    Mint Chocolate Chip:
    Mint chocolate chip cake topped with mint butter cream and mini chocolate chips

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