spring in fargo-moorhead

so. this will be my second spring in fargo. i survived my first winter!

hmm, sort of. who agrees with me that it is still winter out there?

oh well, let’s get back to spring. it seems like we are all working against the flooding nowadays.

for all of you who are not familiar with the fargo-moorhead area, there is the red river which floods every spring. making the area hectic and businesses worry about routinely operations.

so. have i fought the flooding yet you wonder? silly question, right!? of course i have :)

a couple of weeks ago, i teamed up with Q98, the active rock radio station in Fargo for a good cause. actually, i just baked. they were the ones that did it all.

the Q98 crew has a cover band called “trapped in pants” and decided to play a few songs at the sandbag operations center in the city of moorhead. the music was dedicated to all volunteers sandbagging at the place. and. as a way to thank them for their precious time.

the band featured kvly’s chief meteorologist hutch johnson! kvly channel 11 is the local nbc affiliate. {click here to see trapped in pants on the local news!}

i baked vanilla nutella cupcakes.

hutch johnson ate one, too!

i was so excited to meet him and to see that he was eating one of the baking cup cupcakes that i forgot to take a photo !!! {this is when i wish i had a time machine}.


vanilla nutella cupcakes by the baking cup

vanilla nutella cupcakes by the baking cup

vanilla nutella cupcakes by the baking cup

trapped in pants

Q98 crew


hutch johnson

trapped in pants

trapped in pants


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