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i read sarah’s blog on a regular basis. she loves food and blogs about it. in detail. which comes pretty handy.

looove her posts about grilling & asian food. those are my favorite :)

besides her homemade adventures she goes to local restaurants to try their food. she comes home and blogs about it. too.

a.k.a. she  reviews the food. as i said. before. in. d.e.t.a.i.l.

i get an email the other day. hmm, let me check my inbox again, i said. you have to take in consideration i just had checked it 3 minutes ago.

hit refresh and i see the “receiving 1 message” notification and i’m super excited.

you know who emails me? yeah. sarah. {ahhh}.

when i see her email requesting one dozen of the lemon lime cupcakes. i. immediately had a light bulb over my head with the words: blog.

thought to myself: well. she’s going to blog about the cupcakes and she is going to be honest. pressure is on. so i went and bought my ingredients – fresh as usual – right away.

here are her tweets and her photos. click here to read her review on the baking cup cupcakes and to follow her blog & delicious posts.

thanks sarah!

feisty eats tweets about the baking cup cupcakes

with sarah {her photo}

the baking cup cupcake {photo by sarah}

the baking cup cupcake {photo by sarah}

the baking cup cupcake {photo by sarah}


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  1. sarah199898 says:

    CONGRATS! they look gorgeous!

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