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for some reason I didn’t take as many pictures of the “how to” for this post. i truly don’t know what happened. um, maybe too much cooking and distractions {insert laziness here} during thanksgiving day that i completely spaced it out. my sincere apologies.

mashed potatoes are that type of food {not so good for you} but, mmm, sooo good that if you do it in moderation, the guilt cloud hanging over your head won’t be as big and heavy as you’d think.

this recipe is for classic and flavorful mashed potatoes. it’s also versatile since you can add either garlic, chives, cheddar cheese {or other type of cheese}, green onions, you name it. trust me, you can’t go wrong!

we accompanied our traditional thanksgiving meal {lemon chicken & roasted carrots} with these mashed potatoes!!!!

let me know if you make this recipe, your thoughts and if you made any variations – i’d love to hear from you!

classic mashed potatoes {yields 8 servings}


5 russet potatoes, scrubbed and washed
1 cup of milk, extremely hot
4 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tsp sea salt, more if needed
fresh ground black pepper to taste


put a large pot with cold water to boil. enough water to cover the potatoes. salt water to taste and let it boil.

meanwhile cut potatoes in big chunks, approximately 3 inches. it varies by potato. when water is boiling add potatoes and cover half way with lid. boil for 30 minutes or until tender when pinching with a fork.

once potatoes and ready to be mashed, rinse and put half in a large bowl. add 1/2 cup of hot milk and 2 tbsp of butter. mix with a hand mixer on the medium high setting until combined and potatoes are mashed and creamy.


add the rest of the potatoes to bowl and follow with the other 1/2 cup of milk and 2 tbsp of butter. mix with hand mixer until desired consistency. add salt and black pepper. taste and add a bit more salt if needed.

serve hot!! {i garnished with parsley} mmmm!!!




i decided to grind some black pepper in the middle of taking pictures. haha.





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