the last couple of weeks have been pretty insane.

i got stranded in bismarck due to a snow storm without any clothes. so i had to go to the local convenience store to get something to sleep in. yeah. classy.

ran tons of errands and took care of a few orders that came in, too.

but. enough with the boring stuff.

oh, this is not boring. but sad.  i had to decline two orders :(

the truth is. it did not feel pleasant.

one of the orders was for lisa, a sweet lady. she wanted cupcakes and cake balls for her mom’s 90th birthday.  yes.  you read right. 90th !

the reason i couldn’t serve my clients this week? well. i already had booked my… vacation. and could not undo.

i’m going to visit my best friend karla in florida. we have known each other for 19 years.

so. pretty please. give me a call in a week or so with your requests :)

i will miss you!

karla {right} visiting fargo - aug '10


sharing the baking love!

have a great day!

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes


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  1. Are you still in Florida? If so, I’d stay a bit longer! ND isn’t much fun right now!

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