money for minot

the city of minot is in need of my help and yours. the souris {mouse} river has flooded minot braking the 1881 all-time record.

nevertheless, more than 4,000 houses have been damaged as the souris streamed the levees the past two days. heartbreaking.

here in fargo, and everywhere in the state of north dakota, people are coming together to help our far away neighbors of minot. if you are not familiar with the geography, minot is 5 hours northwest of fargo.

go radio broadcasting, a radio group in fargo, is putting together money for minot, along with wday-am and the american red cross, to help raise funds for the minot flood victims. they are gathering all its talent and staff on monday, june 27 from 8am to 6pm at the holiday inn parking lot on 13th avenue south {right across from west acres mall}.

the baking cup is donating cupcakes & cheesecakes to money for minot with all the proceeds going to our friends in need.

make sure you stop by and make your donation. oh, and get a cupcake or cheesecake, too.

for more information, visit

mini cheesecakes by the baking cup

mini cheesecakes by the baking cup


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