off we go!

back in october i decided to start this blog. months went by and between the demanding job and the holidays, i just didn’t get to do it.

why this blog? well, i don’t know how to explain this. but i adore food. yes. i just said adore. i really care for it. i dream about it and fantasize about going to another city and check out the local cuisine. i make that extra trip to one two grocery stores for that curried beef with apple couscous dinner i sooo want to make.

baking on the other hand…it’s heaven. pound cake and oreo milkshakes were my favorites growing up. i was so obsessed that i would make them on a weekly basis. the perfect after school snack – not! oh well, i was just a kid. in my defense, i haven’t had an oreo milkshake in months! sort of.

so, i’ve been baking since the summer of 2010. on a weekly basis that is. i said to myself – more like all of those who surround me – that if you never start the baking process you’ll never get to open your own custom dessert boutique. a.k.a. my dream.

the plan is to start taking orders from home and then open the boutique. easy, right? um, i found out that it takes more than that. it takes tons of time and funds to get started. not to mention some frustrations when the cupcakes were in the oven too long and come out dry. but that’s another post.

i have lucked out with family and friends. i tell you. they have helped and given me the support to take on this adventure. i have learned some techniques. learned that if you use a dark baking cookie sheet or any other dark pan you need to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees. score! no more dry cupcakes.

well, that’s my first tip to you. i’ll be back tomorrow. i hope to do this as long as i’ve liked oreo milkshakes.

ruby red velvet cupcake by the baking cup


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