facebook & the baking cup

well. this is probably one of those shameless plugs you have to do just because.

it’s okay. i’m not ashamed. it’s called “shameless” for a reason.

before i even started the blog i went ahead and created the baking cup facebook page. so. i can say that i’ve been facebooking for a while.

but has gotten to the point that i maintain the fan page with some mobile uploads and posts. and. i’ve forgotten about posting photos or interacting more. however, in my defense, interaction, or lack of, it’s twitter’s fault :)

and to be honest. facebook is like flickr on steroids.  don’t get me wrong. i love flickr. i just think that if you can centralize your fans, comments and photos, why not use one medium, right?

you can visit the baking cup on facebook and experience all of our flavors.

oh, and i just posted tons of photos, too. not the mobile type. the real deal.

brownies with chocolate whipped cream frosting by the baking cup


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