The New York Baking Company Silicone Baking Cups Review!

when Rizzi from The New York Baking Company asked me to review their popular silicone baking cups, I didn’t think it twice and of course said yes!

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review

It’s truly amazing to have this opportunity and cannot thank Rizzi enough for allowing me to review these baking cups. how fitting that my blog is called ‘the baking cup,’ also!?!

the silicone baking cups are $9.95 for a pack of 12, and are made of BPA free, FDA approved, stain proof silicone. they come in four neon colors: blue, pink, green, and orange.

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review 3

these baking cups or baking liners work like the disposable ones you see at bakeries or bake at home with, but much better.

why, you ask?

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review 4

1. well, what i like the most is that they’re reusable: eco-friendly points with me right there.

2. they’re dishwasher safe: thank god because i think doing dishes is overrated. i can see you shaking your head “yes” wide-eyed and concurring with me!

3. the baking cups are made of silicone: which leads to a more uniform shape, and it allows the cupcake or muffin to easily come right out of the baking liner without breaking the cupcake/muffin.

4. cupcakes bake more evenly than using regular cupcake liners: i baked a few cupcakes at the same time using regular paper liners and they came out under baked on the top, while the cupcakes baked in the silicone liners came out moist throughout and completely baked.

5. you don’t need a cupcake pan to use these silicone baking cups: if you’re not a baker, and don’t want to invest in a cupcake pan, but would like to make cupcakes or muffins, just place the baking cups on a cookie/baking sheet. the cupcakes liners will keep their shape and won’t fall over because they’re sturdy enough on their own. however, you can always use a cupcake pan if you have it.

6. cupcakes or muffins will be more moist: i used a classic vanilla cupcake recipe and when i took out the cupcake there were more crumbs on the silicone liner than i thought it’d be. which makes me think the liners retain a lot more moisture than paper cups. the solution is not to let cupcakes cool completely in the baking cups. as soon as the cupcakes are manageable and not too hot, pop them out of the liners so they don’t become soggy or too sticky.

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review 6

cupcakes were completely cooled in the silicone baking liner leaving more crumbs than i anticipated.

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review 7

cupcake on the left was baked with a paper liner and the one on the right with the silicone baking cups. the one on the left is a little taller and with a tighter crumb, and a little drier.

these silicone baking cups are a great purchase if you bake occasionally or if you only need a dozen. one of the cons i found is that the packet only has 12 cupcake liners. i wish they would come in packets of at least 24. another downsize is that they only come in neon colors, so it doesn’t leave you too many options. hopefully The New York Baking Company expands the color palette and offers more options soon, like seafoam green, pastel yellow, and teal :)

NY Baking Company - the baking cup product review 5

thanks again to The New York Baking Company for providing these silicone baking cups free of charge. please note that i was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Fun! I also did a review on the baking cups as well. You included a lot of points that I didn’t even consider. :)

  2. They are awesome.

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