and the cupcake giveaway winner is…

one of the million things you probably don’t know about me is that i absolutely l.o.v.e. giveaways.

so. as you can tell, i had a lot of fun this time with the baking cup cupcake flavor giveaway  :)

a huge thanks go to all who voted and my peeps over at twitter and facebook.

you made it really hard. can i please say that the flavors were unbelievable?

{pina colada cupcakes with coconut frosting; oreo cookie cupcake with buttercream ice cream; “lavender” honey/vanilla cake with lavender frosting; dreamsicle (orange and cream) w/cream cheese frosting and orange peel on top; german chocolate cupcake with a delicious coconut frosting}

and so forth.

great – i’m hungry for cupcakes and i just got back from the gym !

…and because i could not make up my mind. i went ahead and did a random pick.

yes. random.

so. the random generator chose …

{drum roll please}

renee b. !!!

it was a pleasure interacting with all of you. look out for more fun posts and giveaways!

see you back here.

red velvet cupcake & cream cheese frosting by the baking cup


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